The Art of Executing

Studies have found that fewer than 5% of Americans write down clear goals. Many of us have dreams, but we fail to take the necessary action step to actually allow our dreams to manifest. People that engage in strategic thinking and clearly define a set of measurable goals tend to achieve these goals and find more success. Of the 3% of the population that has written goals, they earned an astonishing 10 times more financial income than the 83% who lack clearly de-fined goals.

What You'll Learn


How to Define Your Priorities in Life


How to set, rank, and analyze goals


How to Map & Navigate toward your Goals

We’ll help you define priorities you want in your life instead of what’s actually been taking priority. With a clear path to your goals, we will help you incorporate a tracking strategy to help you reach and exceed your goals. Goal setting is not just about making financial or income projections for the year, it is a process of spiritual, per-sonal, and professional discovery, growth, and development. Think about how much you could accelerate your performance by merely taking the time, and diligently following the process to visualize and write down your goals.

This ebook includes:

  • Goal Analyzer Breakdown
  • Logging and tracking sheets
  • Goal Mapping
  • Distractions & Time Allocation Analyzer
  • The Core 4 Avatar
  • Daily & Monthly Planner

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