Stress, Time and Energy Management

How to Manage Your Stress, Time, & Energy

Do you often feel overwhelmed, overworked, anxious, or all of the above? Stress can be a significant contributor to many issues in a person’s life, and poor time management is often the root cause of that stress. With this workshop, we will teach you how to identify common problems with your time and stress management, and eliminate them from your life.

What You'll Learn


Time Distractions and learn how to allocate your time


panic and anxiety


hormones and increase energy naturally

We will help you to take an active approach to redefining your priorities, organizing time, and reducing unnecessary stress and distractions. You’ll soon be able to make larger steps towards achieving your goals and even get 160 hours out of a 40 hour week.

This workshop aims to help you:

  • Maximize happiness
  • Reduce stress
  • Beat exhaustion
  • Tackle weight issues
  • Improve wellness

What our goal setters are saying

“Super friendly, inviting and knowledgeable staff. They all are great at what they do, and are very compassionate towards all!!” —Christine Rasmussen

“Next Level Health Cooperative is changing my quality of life. I am so thankful for the education, the staff is kind, compassionate and willing to help every step of the way!” —Crystal Brady

“Dr. Blahnik and his team of professionals are top notch health providers.” —Phil and Karen Young

“This place is the best! They explained everything so I could understand and be able to communicate that to other people.” —Jessica Brasel

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