Labs & Tests

Labs & Tests help track your overall well-being. Getting tested can allow you to see how your body changes over time and help you to make important decisions concerning your health.

Reduce Risk

Catch the warning signs of almost any disease early


Optimize your health and maximize the nutrients you put in your body


Get answers to unusual, or persistent symptoms


Evaluate how well organs and medications are working

Food Sensitivity Tests

208 Food Panel

The 208 Food Panel offers comprehensive testing to identify food sensitivities. Everything from IBS and digestive problems to migraines to depression and mood disorders may be indicators of a food sensitivity. Once these food sensitivities are identified, trigger foods can be controlled to relieve symptoms and help you live a healthier life.

144 Food Panel

The 144 Food Panel is a comprehensive food sensitivity testing option for people who may have underlying sensitivities to less conspicuous antigens. This panel assesses IgG, IgG4, or IgA antibody reactivity to help identify culturally diverse trigger foods.

96 General Food Panel

The 96-food panel is available in five different variations to assess IgG, IgG4, and IgA antibody response to foodborne allergens. We also offer 4 specialized panels to help identify sensitivities found in typical Asian, Japanese, Mexican, Vegetarian diets.

Wellness Tests

Urine & Toxic Essential Elements

Urine Elements are used to evaluate exposure to potentially toxic elements and wasting of nutrient elements. Chronic, low-level exposure to toxic metals can be linked to adverse health effects and chronic disease.

Female Hormone Panels

The Female Hormone Panel (FHP) test measures 11 saliva samples gathered at specific points in time throughout one full menstrual cycle. This panel provides a dynamic mapping of the active levels of Estradiol (E2) and Progesterone (P), and measures the cycle average of testosterone and DHEA.

Male Hormone Panels

The Male Hormone Panel tests seven different hormone levels. Together, these seven hormone levels are measured to paint a full picture of male hormonal balance.

Adrenal Stress Index

The Adrenal Stress Index Panel measures cortisol and five other hormones. Many functions of the body are influenced by Cortisol levels. This panel can also help you discover the causes of fatigue, stress and anxiety.