Episode 03: Megan Italia-Styba: ANXIETY and STRESS simple solutions with Plant Based Medicine and Essential Oils

Megan Italia-Styba: ANXIETY and STRESS simple solutions

How to address ANXIETY and STRESS naturally. Do you struggle with Anxiety often? Have you ever experienced that overwhelmed, Anxiousness that unsettling like the Sunday “Scaries”, seminar or large crowd “Scaries”?  Perhaps you get that overwhelmed sensation like the walls are closing in, you can hear every pin drop, and the fear, panic anxiety set’s in.  Just Breathe…

I wanted you to hear from the experts in Plant based medicine, Essential Oils and Yoga, about this topic which I believe will prove to be the issue of our era.  The turmoil of our times

Today, we’re going to be speaking with, Megan Italia-Styba the co-owner and co-founder of MyOilLab.com ONE of the World’s Largest “Plant based medicine” programs utilizing education in plant based medicine, yoga and essential oils.

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