02: Dr. Chris Zaino: How to Unlock and Unleash your potential HERO with Mr. America & Mr. Universe

Dr. Chris Zaino: How to Unlock and Unleash your potential HERO

Are you struggling to find your Voice, your confidence or maybe you are insecure about who you are and what your are doing with your life? Do you feel like you have lost your direction or even your identity?

Perhaps you have ambition and dreams, but the passion and desire has faded and your confused about your message.

Maybe you’re so busy, stressed or even depressed that you need to, Unlock and Unleash the Missing Link.

In this episode today my Guest Mr. American and Mr. Universe, Dr. Chris Zaino and I are going to walk you through how to, Unlock and Unleash your Potential and reclaim the drive, desire, passion and purpose.

Today, we’re going to be speaking with Dr. Chris Zaino the owner and founder of one of the World’s largest Family Wellness practices. Dr. Zaino is a best selling Author, a World renowned Speaker, Entrepreneur and winner of the coveted titles, Mr. America and Mr. Universe. He is the founder of DrZaino.com

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Dr. Emmett Blahnik, DC, CNC, WMS, Scope is a doctor of chiropractic, certified nutritional counselor, certified Weight Management Specialist, Certified Specialist in Obesity Professional Education and founder of the Virtual Health Experts Show, and NextLevelHealth.com


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